The next 10K Road Race & 3K Fun Run are scheduled for Sunday 11 September 2016.

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Grant Application

The grant will be open to application from Residents or Clubs of Ellon and District, up to 18 years of both sexes. The sport involved must be a recognised sport with a governing body.

A grant will be awarded to a sport or individual under any of the following categories:

1. INDIVIDUAL EXCELLENCE to assist an aspiring sportsperson attend specialist coaching or training session.

2. ENDEAVOUR to assist individuals who have demonstrated commitment to sport beyond the ordinary in pursuit of their sporting goals.

3. COACH EDUCATION for the purpose of importing coaches of national or international standing to Ellon and District. Such coaching courses must be available to different ability groups, age/sex or clubs.

4. COMPETITION to assist organisers to attract opposition to events to raise standards of competition in Ellon and District.

5. CLUB STARTER GRANT to assist clubs in their initial year of establishment. This not revenue grant and application for financial assistance must be specific.

6. SPECIAL CATEGORY GRANT to provide assistance to projects of a sporting nature, otherwise not covered by above.

Grant Applications must be made in advance of the event, course etc. for which costings apply. Retrospective applications will not be considered.

All information provided in the Form should be accurate and will be subject to scrutiny. Failure to declare relevant information will result in the application being void, and, in the case of an individual, will bar that person from receipt of any grant assistance within the current financial year.

Payment of grants will be at the discretion of the MIDDLETON SPORTS TRUST and will usually be made subsequent to the event, course etc. except in exceptional circumstances. Proof of attendance of events, coaching etc. will normally be required prior to receipt of grant assistance.

Click here for your application form (PDF format). Completed forms should be sent to either of the undernoted Trustees:

Ean Mackie
Chairman Middleton Sports Trust
50 Bonnymuir Place
AB15 5NP
Tel: 01224 633706
Bill Cowsell
Treasurer Middleton Sports Trust
3 Fortree Road
AB41 9WJ
Tel: 01358 721681


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